About us
DIGITAL TEXTILE – russian production of digital printing on natural fabrics and knitted fabrics. While setting up DIGITAL TEXTILE we have combined business, creativity and technology to create innovative products and business solutions. We guarantee flexibility and speed required to meet the needs of an ever-changing market.
Our philosophy:
- Striving for continuous growth and introduction of innovative technologies;
- Increasing the value of products and services together with reducing costs;
- Unique solutions for your business.
3 mln
running meters per year
production capacity
from 48
proaduction period
running meters
minimum order
100 %
hit the market
large catalog of prints
- 30 %
reducing your expenses by
Our production is located in Moscow region on the territory of special economic zone (SEZ). Ultramodern full-cycle industrial equipment  from the leading manufacturing countries, like Italy, Germany and Japan, is installed at the production 11 500 square meter site. High production capacities allow us to manufacture 150 000 linear fabric meters in a month. Certification is made according to Russian standards. The printing system is an industrial textile printer for direct printing on natural and mixed materials with a predominance of natural fibers. Due to our technical equipment, we can meet any industrial requirements and offer a new generation unique product that correspond to high quality and ecology standards.
Production stages
Design studio
Our team consists of talented and professional designers. We are enthusiasts of our business, and are inspired by everything that surrounds us to create new ideas and implement them in textile design. Most of our designers work in styles that are highly demanded in the textile industry, fashion, design. We will cope with the tasks which require a lot of experience, understanding of the industry, and a high stable quality. Creation of print designs is carried out taking into account objective visual trends and types of target audiences. Promoting the love to beauty, good taste and respect for copyright, we strive to understand and visualize the desires of our customers. Analyzing current trends, we try to predict future trends and directions so far that our collections will always meet the most demanding requirements.
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главный дизайнер
Трушина Юлия
дизайнер по принтам
Хубиева Таисия
Technical requirements
- Composition: natural, artificial fibers or a mixed composition with a maximum number of synthetic fibers up to 20%,
- Width up to 180 centimeters,
- Roll length for fabric from 50 to 60 meters,
- The weight of the knitwear roll from 20 to 24 kg,
- Weight of a square meter from 70 to 350 grams,
- Bleaching process,
- Half-whitewash,
- Cleaning of fabric and knitwear (gas-opal or enzyme cleaning),
- It is not allowed to process any softeners and appretes,
- Shrinkage after wet treatment.
Cotton length -1.5 to -3 %, width +-1.5 to +-2%,
Viscose length -3 to -5 %, width +-2 % to +-4%
Cotton length -2 to 3 %, the width of -3 to -4%,
Viscose length -5 to -7 %, width -6 % to -8%
- skewed width up to 180 cm-maximum deviation is 3.81 cm,
- detection of defects according to American or European standards,
- packaging,
- cardboard sleeve, diameter 3.81-5.08 cm,
- fixing the fabric or cloth,
- presence of a marking label,
- polyethylene coating.
Requirements for files to print
1. Name the uploading files correctly: file name, size in mm.
For ex.: WINT_1100х500.PDF
Uploading file should be in the following formats:
Vector format - EPS, PS, Ai (PDF-compatible), PDF, TIFF;
XPM - TIF,JPG, PSD without integrated digital profiles
2. The file sizes must match the size in which it will be printed, scale 1:1.

3. In vector layouts, all fonts must be "in curves", images must be "genuine" (embedded), and all lines and strokes must be translated into objects. The thickness of the lines be not less than 0.4 mm.
4. Vector files larger than 1 m must be at a scale of 1:10.
5. The quality of the vector image will not change, and the file will be much easier to fill and download from file sharing.
6. For raster layouts, the file must be 1:1 in full size. File resolution from 150 dpi, preferably 300 dpi. Lower resolution will affect the print quality.
7. Make sure there are no white bars around the edges of the image (often found among bitmaps). If the file is vector, the printed image is everything that is in the workspace of the file.
Bases, which are accepted for work, can be natural and mixed up, to 20% of synthetic materials. Bleached, half-bleached and unscoured warp are accepted for use without any additional treatment. The customer-owned raw materials should be provided in a roll on a cone, the maximum width of a roll is 1850 mm. Tolerances are individual at the customer’s request.
Operation mode
The idea needs to be emboded
-Use your print.
- Choose complete solution. Catalogue will help you!
- Rely on professionals, private design studio will develop the concept, improve the idea, and offer an analogue.
Choose natural
- Use your foundation.Technical requirements
- Choose our foundation. We guarantee quality and variety
- We will predict 99% of fabrics action in production
Control the price
- Reduce the expenses for purchase of extra fabric meters
- Save the costs by choosing reliable complete solution
- Don’t limit yourself in quantity of prints on one base
  - Make an extra-order as deemed necessary. We’re always there for you!
Stay ahead of the curve
- Expert team will provide you with high level service.
- Shortest order execution time.
- We will deliver the order quickly in any way convenient for you.
- You will optimize warehouse stock with us.
- You will have your personal manager.
- You and your clients will be satisfied!
Moscow, Gamsonovskiy per., h.2, build.1
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